Gaynor Grant, Director

Gaynor started her culinary training in 1973 when she majored in “Hotel and Catering” at Portsmouth University in the UK. However, it wasn’t until arriving in the USA in 1981 that she started to hit her stride. She enrolled in the professional program at the famed “Peter Kumps New York Cooking School”, now called the “International Culinary” on Food TV. At the time, Peter Kumps School was viewed as one of the most prestigious cooking academies in the USA. Peter Kump himself was well known as the prodigy of James Beard. On graduating the program, Peter, who was impressed with Gaynor’s cooking ability and infectious energy, invited her to become a teacher at his school. Within a matter of years, Gaynor had become the director of the school and became indispensable in running the operation and assisting Peter in the set up of the “James Beard Foundation”. During this time Gaynor also developed and tested recipes for numerous cookbooks, as well as catering a number of prestigious events in the New York Area.

In 1987 after the birth of Andrew, Gaynor’s first child, she decided that the long hours and commuting to New York City were no longer feasible. In order to “keep her”, Peter offered Gaynor the rights to the Peter Kump name and asked her to set up a school near her home in New Jersey. The New Jersey satellite was the first for Peter Kumps School and Gaynor owned and operated it successfully as the center for Culinary Education and gourmet catering in Northern New Jersey until she moved to Sewickley in 1994

On arriving in Sewickley, Gaynor set about establishing a Peter Kumps satellite in Pittsburgh. Unfortunately, Peters untimely death, coupled with new ownership of the New York school, lead to the renaming of the operation. Gaynor has continued both teaching, and selective catering, utilizing various local commercial kitchens. The hallmark of her catering is exquisitely fine food with an absolute attention to detail.

Gaynor has been a member of the International Association of Cooking Professionals since 1981 and has taken courses with celebrity chefs throughout Europe. She has catered for aristocracy, pop stars, movie moguls, captains of Wall Street, TV personalities, authors, professional sportspeople, and many others. She lives in Sewickley with her husband, Dan and her three children, Andy, Alex, Megan and Dougall the Skye terrier.





Gaynor's School Of Cooking

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