We offer a wide variety of classes to get your inner baker going!

Here we introduce you to the facinating world of bread baking. You will learn how to to work with that mysterious ingredient "yeast" and see first hand what it can produce when used correctly. You will create mouthwatering loaves of French Bread, Bagels, Challah, pita and Focaccia and much more. 
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We hope following this class you will become" dough hooked" and will want to expand on your new found skill by taking such classes as:

INTERMEDIATE BREAD BAKING: This class is for the student that has mastered basic bread making and is ready to experiment with varietal flours and techniques. We will be making doughs with whole wheat, rye flour, aramath oat bran and wheat bran,. During class some of the bread we will make are: Finish Rye, Pumpernickel, Chocolate Cherry Sour Dough and a Country Baguette.  

SWEET YEAST BREADS: This workshop will focus on brioche, croissant and Danish pastries and show you how to create them all!
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PASTRY DOUGH FOR BEGINNERS: Always wanted to make your own pastry but didn’t know where to start? Well join us for this class and learn the techniques for producing perfect pastry every time. We will make a variety of fruit pies, quiches, and appetizers. The virtual program consists of 3 classes, Class 1, 1 hour, class 2&3 1 1/2 hours
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CREAM PUFFS & BEYOND: Cream puffs are made with Pate a Chou dough which is unlike any other pastry n te way it is made and the magical things that happen to it when it is baked. But it is not only used to make cream puffs and eclairs as this 4 hour hands on class will demonstrate. 
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STRUDEL MAKING CLASS: Learn the ancient art of pulled strudel dough and the use and baking of pyhllo dough, as we create mouthwatering desserts.
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ITALIAN DESSERTS CLASS: During this class, we will prepare a variety of classic Italian desserts including: Dark Chocolate Cherry Biscotti, Cannolis, LimoncelloTarts, Ricotta Cookies, Italian Rum Cake and of course Tiramisu! 
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BREAKFAST BAKING CLASS: Homemade baked goods are wonderful for Breakfast, especially when they can be made ahead for a large group. Come and join us for this new program, and she will teach you that with a little planning you can make breakfast fit for a king, or a large family at least. CLICK HERE for dates and book
FRENCH DESSERTS: During this class we will prepare a variety of classic French desserts, including Chocolate Mousse, and French Apple Tart CLICKCLICK HERE HERE for dates and to book
Learn how to make a variety of Delicious French Macarons and majestic Napoleons, under the watchful eye of our pastry instructor.
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