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What is avocational education?
We concentrate on providing professional grade education to the cooking enthusiast. All of our courses are firmly based on professional programs that we have been involved in. However we stress technique and quality as opposed to quantity.
If I want to be a professional is your school for me?
We are very proud of the professional standards that form the basis of our courses. In fact, a number of our graduates have gone on to own their own restaurants and catering companies. However, we do not offer certified qualifications nor are there tuition grants available.
What makes you different from the other schools?
Apart from the obvious difference between us and the career schools, other establishments tend to offer demonstration "classes". Our courses are all full participation in which you do the preparation, the cooking and the tasting!
Do you ever have demonstrations?
Absolutely. Whenever a friend of ours is launching a new cookbook, or is passing through, we'll rope them into giving a demonstration. This is an excellent way for you to check out our facilities. We also may offer demonstrations in subjects that we think may be of interest to you. Such as Whisky Tasting (Dans favorite)!
Everyone one says that I am a fantastic cook. Do I really need to start with Fine Cooking Series Class 1?
The short answer is Yes. Each of our classes are structured as part of a series, normally five classes long, which build on the previous class. We are not in a position to evaluate your skill level nor slow subsequent classes down on your behalf. We apologize if we are teaching skills, such as knife skills, which you already know but you may just learn something new. We know that we are always learning.
Why is a scheduled class cancelled?
We need a minimum number of confirmed students in order to run a class. You confirm your attendance by your payment at the time you register. If you have not paid you will not be rostered to that class and therefore run the risk that the class may either be full or cancelled. In the event that we do not have enough students to run the class, we make every effort to reschedule the class at a more convenient time.
Weather Cancellations
Occassionally a class is cancelled due to bad weather. We base this decision on local traffic advisories. Should we cancel we make every effort to contact you via your email and phone number that you entered during booking.
What if I miss a series class?
You may make up that class, free of charge, during the next cycle and at your convenience. Just let us know so we have enough food.
What if I am not satisfied with the series, the teacher, or the school?
Bring it to our attention during the first class. We will either offer you a transfer to another class. Whereas we have had occasion in which a student might be more suited to "Bread Making" than "Pastry and Baking" for example, we are pleased to say that throughout our long history, we have never had to refund money based on the quality of our courses or teachers!
What if I can't decide which class to take?
You may wish to consider our gift certificates. They are non-refundable but are transferable to any course or to any person and do not expire! A great gift idea for your friends and family!
I'm really looking for something special. Can you help?
Absolutely! Swedish meatballs and sausage and peppers we are not! The gourmet, the unusual and the just plain tasty are our specialities. If you really need to impress, come talk to us!
How can my friends and I really have a good time?
Either book a course together or book a private cooking dinner party.
I'm not quiet sure what I want.
Stop by or give us a call. Our vast wealth of experience in this arena will probably help give you some great ideas. Best of all, it's free!
Corporate Services
How do your Corporate Services differ from your Personal ones?
Really they don't. We offer the same individual care and attention to Corporations as we do to all our services.
What else is special to Corporations?
We also offer cooking courses as a great way to foster team spirit and building. These courses are not only fun but are designed around your objectives. Cooking and eating has always been fundamental to human bounding and friendship. Add the dynamic of food preparation and you have a fun filled environment that encourages team building and spirit. 
Other Questions
If you have any other questions feel free to give us a call.

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